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A bit of info about this place.. We are not a ratings community as such. Once you are accepted, then that's it. We are trying to get a group together of people who are strongly opinionated and willing to discuss anything and everything. The only reason you won't be accepted is because we think you are boring!

1. Be respectful of other peoples' opinions. Don't force yours on anyone.
2. All applications should be behind an LJ-cut.. This is stop friends' lists getting cluttered.
3. Put "I'm confabulous darling, are you?" in the subject line and / or LJ cut text so we know you've read all this
4. Please don't join and then not post an application.. it's fucking irritating!
5. Give us mods time to stamp you as we all have things to do and I often work nights!
6. Most of all, have fun, broaden your minds and while heated discussion is good, slagging matches will be stopped and the offenders may get banned.
7. A picture can paint a thousands words, so if you find a picture that's worthy of discussion then post it.. If it's big, stick it behind a cut!




LIKES ~ (Please try to list a few here! And remove this line when you are filling it in)

(What we wear says a lot about us, so post a picture if you want)


~Can you speak any different languages?~
~Body modifications?~
~What makes you mad?~
~What makes you sad?~
~What makes you happy?~
~Something that has made you proud of yourself this week~
~Something that has made you angry this week~
~Give a topic to discuss upon acceptance~

Pictures of yourself are always a good thing, it's easier to debate when you know who you are debating with. Posting pictures of random things, yourself, whatever is okay so long as you don't post repeatedly. Lots of pictures should go in one post behind an LJ cut. We're here to debate and find out more about each other and ourselves so have fun! Don't force your opinions on others, if you feel someone is wrong, then say why in a proper manner and if they feel that they are wrong, then it's upto them to change..


Don't worry about promotion.. if you like this place and want to promote then go ahead, it's not something you have to do!


If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, then we don't believe in it at all ~~Noam Chomsky